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Ensures compliance of relevant data protection regulations, such as the new GDPR and health & safety laws.

Visitor Badge Passes

Print badge passes for visitors on-site. Create a custom visitor badge pass template using your organisation’s brand colours and logo.

Pre-register visitors

Register visitors (as individuals or groups) before they arrive on-site for a slick visitor experience.

Screen, track and report on all visitors

Monitor the safe and secure movements of visitors throughout buildings and worksites.

Manage your employee presence on and off-site

Our Employee Management features give you real time visibility of which employees are on and off-site to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Inductions & Training

Manage new and existing employees’ inductions or e-learning and never forget a renewal with automatic notifications.

On & Off-Site Tracking

Employees’ can sign-in and out of a site multiple ways, including by a receptionist, a Kiosk, or our mobile application WolMobile.

Global Roaming

Employees’ that regularly travel between locations can be given access to multiple locations allowing seamless access to the sites that they are visiting.


You can report on nearly everything from who is on-site at a particular time, to how long a lone worker spent in a particular area right through to managing an emergency in real time and then seeing how it went post event.

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