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Helping to reduce your plastic usage and carbon footprint

Unlike traditional water coolers, it doesn’t use large plastic bottles – reducing your carbon footprint on vehicle deliveries in addition to storage requirements. No longer will co-workers lift heavy bottles when the water cooler runs dry or carry individual bottles to the office every day – waving goodbye to single-use plastic.

The Skywell is a convenient, portable way to provide water. From a placement perspective, since water pipes aren’t required, the Skywell can be positioned anywhere. From conference rooms and busy hallways, to event set-up and outdoor offices, you can provide fresh, clean water anywhere. Connect it to a power source and you’re ready to go. Plus, it generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water every day.

The Skywell takes in ambient air and collects the moisture through condensation. It then uses a six-stage water filtration system, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment to remove contaminants in order to create clean drinking water. Before serving, the water dispensers built-in monitoring systems continuously inspect every drop to ensure that the water produced is of exacting quality and clarity every time.

The hot water temperature can be set up to as high as 93°C allowing for the instant making of hot drinks, or porridge and noodles. If users need a cool glass of water, Skywell can provide it at 3°C degrees, with no need for ice!

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